Cloth Nappies Direct was established in 2013 by Stefanie & Illan Samuel, parents to a baby girl who has been in cloth nappies since birth (of course!).


"I always knew I'd nappy my baby in cloth, it's just who I am. But I was not impressed with the high prices of modern cloth nappies (MCNs). $30 plus for 1 nappy seemed steep to me, but, I figured, I would just have to be smart, shopping on sale, and purchasing carefully. We started our baby on the traditional flat cloth towel nappies - our washing line would be a sea of white every day, and my husband would fold them while watching TV at night. I had purchased a few MCNs to try once baby was bigger (she had tiny little thighs). Somewhere along our cloth nappy journey, my entrepreneurial husband said, "why don't you just find a manufacturer and make your own?" And a new business idea was born!" - Stefanie


Cloth Nappies Direct makes modern cloth nappies and accessories at affordable prices. We sell direct to the public via our website with no other distributor, wholesaler or retailer in the middle.

We also sell a range of accessories such as cloth wipes, biodegradable liners, washable breast pads, waterproof change mats, travel bags and nappy bin laundry bags, etc - as well as other sustainable nappy products by leading Australian brands such as Wotnot Biodegradable Wipes, Moltex Biodegradable Disposable Nappies, and organic bath and skin care products.

The nappies themselves are "pocket nappies". They have a breathable yet waterproof outer cover, a soft suedecloth inner fabric, and a super absorbent microfiber insert. As a special feature, all our nappies also have double-gussets which assist in leak prevention. We have also included hip snaps to prevent 'wing droopage'. Benefits of pocket nappies include a faster drying time (as you can take the absorbent inserts out to dry separately), and adjustable absorption (as you can use more than one insert if desired).