Cloth Nappy Reviews

Here are just some of the reviews that customers have taken the time to write on our website or Facebook page:

I was a bit hesitant to try the mcn nappies as I thought it'd involve a lot more work - but with my starter pack I love it .
They are trendy & on those hot days my son can chill in them with a singlet/shirt
Highly recommend them!
Def worth the $$ spent :)

Love This Nappy
Not only is this denim look great with summer coming up - just add a singlet and bub is dressed, but the actual design if these nappies is fabulous!
The second line of stitching in the gusset means less opportunity fir leakage - this has been a problem for me with other brands which don't have the second line if stitching.
the positioning of the press studs is also well designed allowing for a precise fit and again minimizing risk of leakage.
All up I'm very happy with this product and will be buying more! :)

Great Saver Bundle (24 pack)
This bundle pack allows 2-3 days of pure bliss on your baby's bottom before you have to do a load of washing. Great product, great range (colours & prints are so gorgeous) & one very happy customer! Recommend!

These nappies are Magic!
These nappies are a great fit for our hefty 6 month old, who I was struggling to get into toddler sized nappies at 4 months. No leaks & they look fantastic! Very trendy, we often wear no pants to show them off!

Great Fit
As a dedicated modern cloth nappy user I have tried a number of brands & styles on my very heavy wetting baby boy. Cloth Nappies Direct design have made them one of my favourites. Their press-stud system is fantastic - it allows for a more custom fit around both the waist and thighs. I have also found they sit higher on the waist than others on the market. This great design means no leaks and a comfortable fit for my big baby boy. Not to mention how great they look on!

Highly Recommend
I have to say I was sceptical but these cloth nappies really are easy to use and clean! I have 12 and use them part time when I'm at home. Highly recommend!

This package is great! (Full Timer pack)
Everything you need to start the adventure of using cloth nappies!! The price is fantastic!! They even come with care instructions which is an added bonus as some don't care to share the easy options for care! The large wet bags are great the fit a bin perfectly!! everything in this package gets used!! I much prefer these nappies to disposables as i have had much less leakage with my newborn(3kg) and they fit her great!!