Why should I use cloth nappies? Aren’t they harder?

This is covered in detail here, but essentially you will save a lot of money, and your baby will be more comfortable. (Of course there is the added benefit of feeling very good about yourself for doing something fantastic for the environment!) It’s up to you whether a bit of extra housework is worth this. With a new baby in the house, there will be extra washing to do anyway.


How many cloth nappies do I need?

Assuming that you are using cloth full-time, and assuming that you wash your nappies every 2 days, we recommend a minimum of 24 nappies, plus some extra inserts. You could stretch your washing out to every 3 days or more (although we recommend soiled nappies be washed within 2 days to avoid stains or smells). In this case you would need more nappies. At the other end of the spectrum, many people use cloth nappies part-time, and would therefore purchase less. They aren’t an “all or nothing” choice. Just one cloth nappy a day will still save on average over 700 disposables from going to landfill.


Do your nappies fit newborns?

Every baby is different. Our nappies are “one size fits most” but babies with skinny thighs are unlikely to fit our nappies straight away. A tip in this situation is to try the traditional flat terry towel nappies or pre-folds, then use our Cloth Nappies Direct covers on top (without the microfiber insert). The traditional cloth nappy will be bulkier, so our modern cover should fit over nicely. We are currently working on a specially designed prefold nappy that will fit premature, newborn, and larger babies - stay tuned in 2016!


What’s the difference between a ‘pocket nappy’ and other modern cloth nappies?

A pocket nappy has a simple pocket between the waterproof cover and the nappy inner lining, into which an absorbent insert is placed. This means quick drying times as the inserts (the most absorbent part of the nappy, requiring the longest drying time) can be separated from the covers, and means you can add more or less absorbency as required for your baby’s needs. A pocket nappy is sometimes confused with an ‘all in two’ nappy. An ‘all in two’ nappy is where the absorbent section is laid down straight into the cover (not inside a pocket) and is in direct contact with baby’s skin. The benefits of a pocket nappy in this situation is that the inner lining of a pocket nappy is made from suedecloth, a fabric that quickly wicks the moisture away from baby’s skin and into the microfiber insert. This should reduce the chance of nappy rash when compared to an ‘all in two’ nappy.


Why are Cloth Nappies Direct so cheap?

We are a husband & wife team who have designed our modern cloth nappies with the features we have tried and tested ourselves. They are direct from us to you, with no other wholesaler, distributor or retailer in the middle. This means we can provide quality modern cloth nappies at affordable prices.


Don’t cloth nappies cause nappy rash?

Absolutely not! This is a big myth. Nappy rash is caused most often by the nappy being left on for too long. This can occur regardless of the type of nappy being used. Whether you are using disposables or cloth, a nappy should always be changed as soon as you think it is wet or dirty. No-one likes pee in their pants!


How long will your nappies last?

The nappies are made to last from birth until toilet training – it is not uncommon for them to be used on second or even third babies. Please always follow the care & washing instructions closely to get the most life out of your cloth nappies.


How to wash?

Please see detailed instructions here.


Help! I have stains / smells / rash / leaks!

Please see troubleshooting suggestions here.