Inika Mineral Brow Pencil

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Product Overview

Inika's Brow Pencils are soft and pliable and will help to refine and volumise your brows, giving your face dimension and shape.

Use short feathery strokes to define brow line.

All Inika liners come with a pencil sharpener in the lid.

About The Brand
Every Inika product is 100% Certified Vegan or Certified Organic, or both. Inika is 100% Cruelty Free and committed to environmentally ethical manufacturing. It's glamour that's good for you, and good for the earth.


- Accredited by CCF (Choose Cruelty Free)
- Certified Halal by The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
- Certified Vegan by the UK Vegan Society


(No reviews yet) Write a Review