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Product Overview

The TRY ME OUT Kit contains:

Your choice of 1 Cloth Nappy and 1 Double Pocket Wetbag

A super easy way of trying out our modern pocket nappies!



Our pocket nappies have a breathable yet waterproof outer cover, a soft suedecloth inner fabric, and a super absorbent microfiber insert.

The nappies have strong elastic at the pocket opening, which helps prevent leaks up the back. As a special feature, all our nappies also have double-gussets which assist in leak prevention around the thighs.

Our nappies are a "one size fits most" nappy - they will last until your baby is toilet trained, as they can be adjusted to fit your baby as they grow. There is a set of vertical snaps to adjust the height, and a set of horizontal snaps to adjust the width around baby's waist, including extra snaps at the hips to hold the nappy firmly in place without any 'wing droopage'.

Benefits of pocket nappies include a faster drying time (as you can take the absorbent inserts out to dry separately), and adjustable absorption (as you can use more than one insert if desired).



Not all wetbags are created equal - ours have:

1 full pocket and 1 half pocket - giving you more space and flexibility
Strong durable waterproof fabric & strong elastic loop for hanging
Generous size, so big you can fit a child's towel and bathers for a trip to the pool or beach! Will fit approximately 6 cloth nappies (including inserts) with room for cloth wipes.

Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm

Wetbags are great to use when you're out and about, but we also use them day to day to store dirty nappies before washing. Simply unzip before throwing in the washing machine.


PLEASE READ the How to Use page for detailed usage and washing instructions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review