Why Cloth?

Here are a few great articles prepared by Choice Magazine. We feel they capture the queries one might have when trying to decide between disposable nappies and Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN), what to look for in a MCN, and stories of parents' experiences with using MCN’s.

“A buying Guide for Modern Cloth Nappies” December 2012

“Disposable nappies review and compare against Modern Cloth Nappies” March 2010

 “My journey from disposable to cloth nappies” March 2010


Essentially, what is captured in the above articles are the benefits of using MCN’s

  • Financial – Up to $5,000 per child saved in costs using MCN’s vs Disposables.
  • Environment – Less waste from using MCN’s vs Disposables, even when water usage is taken into account.
  • Comfort for Baby – Reduced nappy rash and irritation for baby when using MCN’s vs Disposables.


Plus - they look cuter! (We think so anyway).