Hi, I’m Stefanie, and I have two girls, both of whom were in cloth nappies from birth.

I have encountered every cloth nappy problem there is, so any questions you have, be assured I will probably know the answer, because I have been there.

I started out using traditional terry cloth towel nappies, and our washing line would be a sea of white every day. The high price of modern cloth nappies (around $30 at the time) seemed too steep to me, though the convenience was tempting. One thing led to another, and my entrepreneurial nature birthed another business idea: manufacturing my own brand of cloth nappies, specifically to offer them at a more affordable price!

I sell them all here online, with no other distributor, wholesaler or retailer in the middle, so you get the best price I can offer.

You can find a range of Pocket Nappies in cute prints, all offered with tiered discounts (check the Discount Codes page!).

I still love the traditional cloth system, of a towel nappy with a separate cover, so I also designed a Bamboo Triangle Prefold to pair with simple Waterproof Covers.

Accessories include reusable Breast Pads (because I hated those sticky itchy disposable ones), Bamboo Cloth Wipes (the ones I manufactured in 2013 are still used in my household today!), laundry Wet Bags, Swim Nappies and Change Mats.

If you have any questions at all, please use the Contact Page to find me.

Enjoy your cloth nappy journey - the earth, and your baby, will thank you!

Much love xox


PS: Interested in joining or managing this business yourself? Contact me :)