Bamboo Cloth Wipes Pack of 5

  • Bamboo Cloth Wipes Pack of 5

Think of the thousands of times you will wipe your baby's bottom, hands, face, high chair tray, toys, and clean up all manner of spills, spews & runny noses!

These soft bamboo cloth wipes are very absorbent and durable. Throw in the wash with your cloth nappies and use again and again and again… A truly sustainable option that will also save you considerable money in the long term.

“I can personally attest to the durability of these cloth wipes. I have been using them since I founded Cloth Nappies Direct in 2013 and they are still used in my household on a daily basis, at the dinner table and in the bath.” Stefanie Samuel, Founder

Dimensions: 20 x 26 cm

Washing Instructions: Wash with bi-carb soda or a very gentle environmentally friendly washing powder. Please do not use any bleach, fabric softeners, stain removers, etc. as this will reduce the absorbency of the bamboo fabric. For sanitising and natural bleaching, dry in direct sunlight. Can be washed cold or hot, may be tumble dried.

This pack of 5 Cloth Wipes is economically priced at $9.00 with tiered discounts store wide the more items you buy. Check the Discount Codes here.