Extra Microfibre Inserts Pack of 5

  • Extra Microfibre Inserts Pack of 5

Absorbent microfiber inserts for use inside the Pocket Nappies.

Extra inserts come in handy when:
- You are line drying your nappies and the nappy covers have dried but the inserts are taking longer. Having extra inserts on hand means you can use your dry covers while the wet inserts are still drying.
- You need extra absorption either at night time or with an older baby. Simply use two inserts in the nappy instead of one.

Washing Instructions: please use bi-carb soda or a very gentle washing powder, may be washed cold or hot, may be dried in full sunlight, may be tumble dried hot.

These microfibre inserts are not recommended for use in direct contact with baby’s skin. They should be placed inside the pocket of the nappies, as the inner cloth of the pocket nappy will wick the moisture away from baby’s skin, and into the microfibre insert.

This pack of 5 inserts is economically priced at $14.00 with tiered discounts store wide the more you buy. Check the Discount Codes here.