Cloth Nappies Direct has been in operation since 2013. Here are some Customer Reviews collected from our website:

Posted by Erin, 3 July 2020: Bamboo Triangle Prefolds

These are great, the colourful edging is cute too. We tried a lot of kinds of nappies and triangle work best for us, these are the only ones I can find online so I ordered a bunch even though I live in the UK! They are thinner than the cotton terry triangle prefolds that I had before, but I tested them with a glass of water and they hold a lot!

Posted by Christy on 3rd Jul 2020: Pocket Nappies

I am so in love with these nappies, this is the second bulk pack purchase that I have made and I am still just as impressed. I use these on a daily basis, they are easy to take out and about, I just pop used ones in the wet dry bag. I love that you wash them in bi-carb and do not need to soak them. I recommend to all my friends and family who are interested in using cloth. Such cute colours and patterns to choose from and honestly, there's no going past the double gusset it's just way better than single gusset designed nappies.

Posted by Chrissy on 28 Jan 2018: Pocket Nappies

Awesome find. We love them! Postage was super quick, great service and instructions, awesome patterns, they wash really really well, I just put them on a delicate cycle cold, quick to dry, the snaps are super strong. I am really happy with my purchase of the 24 package and would highly recommend them to other mothers.

Posted by Donna on 18th Feb 2018: Pocket Nappies, Swim Nappies and Accessories

Extremely happy with these nappies. I currently have 72 in my stash with 2 swimmer nappies, breast pads, wet bags, change mats etc so unbelievably easy to use even hubby uses them and loves them

Posted by Aleks on 5th Jan 2015: Pocket Nappies

Perfect fit for my tall baby. I've purchased three different brands of cloth nappies, both of which were more expensive than these! Yet the fit, absorbency (and adorable styles) from cloth nappies direct are definitely my first preference. The fit has been my biggest issue until I found these. The only other comparable brand would be bubba blue (in my opinion) but they're not affordable for me. Love these nappies!

Posted by Mark on 23rd Mar 2015: Pocket Nappies

Quick drying and easy to use. Being more sturdy than disposables, it's easier to change when you have a wriggling baby. Cheaper than other cloth nappies and with flexible sizing they will keep fitting as the babies grow.

Posted by Jess S on 19th Jan 2014: Pocket Nappies

As a dedicated modern cloth nappy user I have tried a number of brands & styles on my very heavy wetting baby boy. Cloth Nappies Direct design have made them one of my favourites. Their press-stud system is fantastic - it allows for a more custom fit around both the waist and thighs. I have also found they sit higher on the waist than others on the market. This great design means no leaks and a comfortable fit for my big baby boy. Not to mention how great they look on! Thanks Cloth Nappies Direct!

Posted by Claire on 28th Apr 2014: Change Mats

Very happy with this change mat! Good waterproof backing, perfect size, takes up minimal room in change bag, soft on bub and groovy design! Highly recommend it.

Posted by Rebecca on 23rd Sep 2014: Pocket Nappies

I've tried other brands of MCNs and these are right up there with the best! They are easy to use, wash well, dry quickly, fit great and look cute to boot! At a fraction of the price of other "big name" MCNs, I would highly recommend these to any parent. :)

Posted by Vennessa on 6th Oct 2014: Washable Breast Pads and Bamboo Cloth Wipes

The bamboo fabric of these pads is soft and comfortable, so much better than the itchy, sticky feeling disposable pads. Not only are these pads nice to wear, but much better for the environment, I wash mine with bub's bamboo wipes, so I always have a fresh pair on hand. Great product, thank you